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Virtual TV

Where TV Shows Never Die!

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This community is for fans new and old Virtual TV.

You may ask...

What is Virtual TV?
Virtual TV is the next step in fan-fiction. A staff of fan fiction writers and sometimes graphic artists/manipulaters, come together and make a virtual tv show online. The great thing about this is... your favorite show that has been canceled, like Buffy, Dawson's Creek,and Birds of Prey, doesn't have to end. Or you don't like those shows then make your own or make up a spin-off of your favorite show. Use your imagination they are all make believe anyway. There are only a few actual virtual shows that are on the internet but these show are rapidly gaining fans.

What is this Community for?
This Community is for
-Fans new and old to discuss about there favorite online virtual shows.
-Promote your virtual TV show
-Fan fiction writers and graphic artists who have ideas for shows and need staff to bring it together. Look here...

Where can I see Virtual TV Show?
If you would like to see some Virtual TV Shows here are some suggested links:

Phoenix Virtual Television -http://www.pvtonline.com/
This site has been online for 4 years hosting such shows as "Next Tuesday"-Buffy year 8, "Watchers" -Buffy spinoff, "Eve-The Messanger"-Xena spinoff,"Birds of Prey"- 2 season AND MORE!!

Epiguide: Web Entertainment -
Host many original Virtual Shows and a forum to chat about them.

know of more links email this community moderator: lavenderagate@yahoo.com
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